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The Story of God    So many times we get lost in details. Our human nature and perhaps tidbits we’ve heard here and there make us view the scriptures as an awkward rule book. That is far from the truth! It’s a grand narrative, it’s is the drama of redemption.

66 books written by more then 40 authors over 1500 years. It was written on 3 continents and in 3 different languages. Yet amazingly it is one beautiful cohesive story. Join us Sundays at 10:00 as we explore the story of God in 2018

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Our latest sermon: "The Story Of God" (Genesis 1-2)"

Meet The Pastor

Our pastor, Mike Cratch is a life long resident of Simi Valley. Mike has a baccalaureate degree in Bible with an emphasis on missions.  He completed the bulk of his MDiV studies at Tyndale Theological Seminary and is currently studying at The Masters Seminary.

He and his wife Jennifer of 25 years, along with their then 3 son’s, Michael, Mason, and Matthew,  served on a church planting team in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission for 6 years. Upon returning to the states, Mike and Jennifer have adopted three children Rosie,  Naomi and Jayden.

Mike is a gifted communicator and passionate about teaching that impacts understanding rather then effort. His experience living in a third world country and studying cross cultural ministries has given him a passion for those that have never heard the Gospel and has given him  great insight  into the human tendency’s to syncretize the message of the Bible with human presuppositions. You will appreciate how Mike is able to properly navigate through the grand narrative of Scriptures and affect worldview change as opposed to preach a message of self change.

In Mike’s leisure time, he enjoys traveling on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, playing softball with his adult children and watching Dodger’s baseball.