"The Church 1" (Romans 16)

Mike Cratch


Description:Here we begin the final chapter of Romans, we and discover that the Apostle Paul, who was writing to the saints, began to address his closing statements to “the Church.” During our 3 week look at this New Testament Church, we will answer several questions - What is a church? Why do we need a church? What is the church's role in the big picture plan of God? How should each of us relate to the church? Join us, as we look at the New Testament Church with a view to 2018.

"Life As A Living Sacrifice - The Mission Of The Church" (Romans 15)

Mike Cratch


Description:In response to mankind’s sinful rebellion, God called out and formed Israel to be a light to the rest of the Nations. They were to be instrumental in bringing sinful rebels back to God. Though Israel failed miserably and completely rejected their Messiah, God was not without a plan. He raised up the church as His instrument, to reach the remaining Gentile nations, so that they might not perish. Here we look at Paul's heart for those that have never heard, may we understand where we fit in and evaluate our priorities accordingly.

"The Worthy One" (Revelation 5:1-13)

Steve Brewer


Description:Biblical Christians know they have been eternally saved by faith alone in Christ alone. They also desire to live faithful lives for their Savior and Lord. To do so requires answering a fundamental question which serves as the ultimate motivation – Who is worthy? That is… Who is worthy of living for? Who is worthy of my trust and allegiance? Who is worthy of suffering for? Who is worth dying for? Faithfulness to our Savior carries a cost. Is Jesus worth it?

"Life As A Living Sacrifice- Love or the Flesh?"

Mike Cratch


Description:The apostle has taught us much, and urged us to present ourselves to him as living sacrifices. With that, he now covers a variety of issues and we transition from government to some practical applications: As we see, there really are just two main options. You either live daily in Love, which fulfills all that the law intended, or you sink back and allow the flesh to dominate and drive you to sleep throughout your Christian life. Wake up, says Paul. The end is near.

"Pray, Send, or Go" (Matthew 9:35-38)

Matthew Anderson


Description:Matthew is the founder of a grass roots movement that is calling the Body of Christ to a rich and beautiful harvest amongst one of the most unreached people groups in America; The Latter Day Saints of Utah. With several cities of 10-15,000 people, yet not one functioning New Testament church, Matthew and the Church of Christ have a beautiful yet challenging harvest before us. Be challenged!

"Life As A Living Sacrifice III - Living As A Sacrifice Under The Government" (Romans 13:1-7)

Mike Cratch


Description:Paul taught us to lay ourselves on the alter as a Living Sacrifice. A key component to that is the ongoing renewing of our mind for transformation purposes. What follows is some direction on areas to do just that. In Romans chapter 13, his admonition is clear. We are to be in submission to the government. Our thoughts run quickly to how we might interpret this in light of hostile governments. Here we look at Government; its authority, purpose and where we may run into a conflict.

"Life As A Living Sacrifice II" (Romans 12:3-21)

Mike Cratch


Description:In this message, we look at life as a living sacrifice “in the church.” What does that look like with our role and function in the local church? Paul takes us to a mindset that says "one another." I am part of my church, and should function as a living Sacrifice dedicated to the body of Christ of which I am part. Now we have a clear look at being devoted to “one another.”

"Life As A Living Sacrifice I" (Romans 12:1-2)

Mike Cratch


Description:In this message we look at Israel and the church in the program of God. Paul has, as we have seen addressed unbelieving Israel. He writes of their unbelief via their religion and self-righteousness (Chapters 9-10). In that unbelief God has providentially used this age of Jewish rebellion to advance the gospel to the world. This is to be done through a new people, the church. He cautions us, the church, not to think too highly of ourselves while perhaps thumbing a nose at Israel. He does this while he adamantly insists that a future people of Israel will be saved.

"The Future Salvation Of Israel" (Romans 11:1-15)

Mike Cratch


Description:Israel has rejected her Messiah but here we see God has not rejected them. There is a believing remnant that God will fulfill His covenant promises but not until His global task is accomplished and Israel is ready for her Messiah.

"Israel - What Is Wrong?" (Romans 10)

Mike Cratch


Description:Israel opted for her own righteousness, not the righteousness given by faith. In Romans chapter 10 Paul addresses the Jewish plight now as a lost people without their Messiah. Their need, says Paul is for the gospel. As the gospel goes to the world let us not forget Israel needs to hear it too!

"Israel - What Went Wrong?" (Romans 9)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul has given us incredible promises of our future in Christ up and through Romans Chapter 8. He then seems to take on a new topic fairly quickly. Paul takes 3 chapters and addresses Israel: their past, present and future. First and foremost, he addresses her calling and choosing and then her failure in light of that role. But, as we will see, God was working in and through Israel to a much larger world redemption project. Has God then having accomplished His will abandon Israel? No way, together we look to the past, consider the present, and pray for her future!

"Shadows Of Doubt, Part 1 - Double Checking With Jesus" (Selected Passages)

Mike Cratch


Description:The grace of God is a powerful loving encouragement, but what about all the cautions and all the possible restrictions on grace that we read in the Bible? Can we rest in the promises of God or does the voice of religion drowned out the voice of grace? Here we look at some of the harder stumbling block Bible passages that can be taught in such a way that undermines our security!

"The Secure Journey" (Romans 8:33-39)

Mike Cratch


Description:The temptation to give in, to fall to discouragement can be so strong. God’s Plan of Justification, salvation and deliverance culminates in this final argument to trust, or to have faith in God when all seems to be at a loss. Nothing absolutely nothing can stop the sure Journey to glory. Interestingly Paul addresses a number of possibilities. These range from death, to life, angels, to the principles that dominate our thoughts and lives. Nothing absolutely nothing will separate us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus!

"By The Unfathomable Riches Of God - We Conquer!" (Romans 8:26-39)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul concludes his lengthy lesson on life in the Spirit and the overall plan of God for His Children. In with this powerful truth, there is some possible confusion and controversy over issues like predestination and God's elect people. Join us we will break it all down and see nothing but victory awaits us!

"The Crowning Of The Sons Of Glory" (Romans 8:18-25)

Mike Cratch


Description:Paul wraps up his teaching on the struggles of the Christian on this Earth and in this broken body. He encourages us that all of creation longs for the ultimate redemption and revealing of the Sons of God. This mess, we call home, will come to an end. We will be fully redeemed and in total harmony with Jesus. Until then, Paul says: we have first fruits, have been adopted as sons, and have hope in that confident expectation of glory. Until then, we persevere and keep on keeping on.

"No Condemnation For The Christian" (Romans 8:1-11)

Mike Cratch


Description:We are free from the reign of sin, free from the burden to keep the Law and despite the flesh that can burden us, the Apostle Paul assures us in no uncertain terms that we need not fear condemnation!

"The Raging Conflict Within" (Romans 7:14-25)

Mike Cratch


Description:Paul’s argument against Christian bondage and legalism continues as The Apostle shares with us his very own struggles with the practical outplaying of his repentance. In this struggle Paul articulates that the desire to do what is right is often thwarted by indwelling sin. But that sin says Paul “is not me” The Christian life we will be reminded is not simply a matter of stopping bad, and doing good. There are dynamics in place that we must be aware off if we are to live out the victorious Christian life.

"Presentation For Obedience" (Romans 6:12-23)

Mike Cratch


Description:Paul's explanation of the New Man in Christ continues. He has taken us back to our origin and condemnation in Adam, and then onward to our death, burial, resurrection and new position "In Christ." In this union we have been freed from the tyranny of sin and death. But Paul is not finished; there is truth to be applied. We look at sanctifying truths from God’s Word with regard to what now reigns in our lives.

"Dead To Sin, Alive To God" (Romans 6:1-10)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul introduces the new sphere or position the believer now stands in. It seems odd, but yet, it’s profound. Having addressed the believer’s history in the sphere of Adam, he now speaks of our death to sin, and as a principle force, our union with Christ. This union comes from baptism. But leave your swim trunks at home; this is a dry baptism, an immersion into union and identification with Christ.

"The Reign Of Grace" (Romans 5:12-21)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul takes us to new depths of understanding our history, both as individuals and as a human race. Condemnation and sin is a personal problem, but Paul explains that the source was the first human, Adam. By contrast, righteousness and grace also have a source; Jesus Christ. Through the one came death. Through the other came life.

"The Much More Good News" (Romans 5:6-11)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul, after showing how God in Christ demonstrated His great love for us by doing the seemingly impossible to secure us, now moves on to talk about the “Much More” gospel. God does not leave us. Having done the justification work, He will stand by us and deliver us from His future wrath and our current sin problem. We take a journey into deeper truths to learn how "Much More" the gospel provides for the Christian.

"Joy In Heaven" (Luke 15:1-32)

Steve Brewer


Description:People picture God differently in their minds, don’t they? But, of course, since God is Spirit, none of our images do Him justice. Yet, our Lord Jesus told some parables which provide limited minds with a wonderful picture of what God is like. Here we look at three of Jesus’ most beautiful word pictures for the Heavenly Father. Nothing is more assuring for repentant sinners than to see God as Jesus described Him.

"The Gospel And Peace" (Romans 5:1-5)

Mike Cratch


Description:With the gospel validated and applied to our lives, we can rest assured of being at peace with God. This peace is multiplied by our new standing in grace. We explore this new standing before God and see how being justified by faith and at peace with Him enriches our present lives, even in the classroom of trials that it includes.

"Circumcised Or Not" (Romans 4:9-16)

Mike Cratch


Description:Our return to Romans explores Abraham's journey with God. Again, we consider circumcision’s significance and see how some modern parallel rituals hinder our clear understanding of grace. Paul’s concluding argument for Justification by Faith alone (being righteousified) is without a single regard to religion, deed, or personal effort of any kind. Now that is truly “good news.”

"The Resurrection Of Christ" (1 Corinthians 15)

Mike Cratch


Description:We contemplate our risen Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, and explore what His resurrection means to our faith. As the Apostle Paul tells us, if there was no resurrection, we would have believed in vain, and would be pitied fools. However, Jesus Christ has risen! And because of that, we're assured of our victory over the grave, sin and even death itself! He has risen indeed!

"The March to the Cross" (Selected Passages)

Steve Brewer


Description:Our Lord Jesus didn’t begin His march toward Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; it began weeks earlier as He was determined to arrive right on time in the great city to accomplish the purpose for His first coming. His procession didn’t end on Palm Sunday either; it continued each day of that final week, as He took care of business leading right up to the moment of His crucifixion. Jesus was intentional about every move He made. And every move He made answers that curious question; “If Sunday, then why Friday?”

"Romans and Religion" (Romans 4:1-8)

Mike Cratch


Description:After all that Paul has had to say about Justification, you'd think he was ready to move on to something else. Not yet; Paul knows that the gospel is a difficult and oppressed truth. Therefore, he continues to develop his argument and we see Paul presents a strong contrast between faith and works. The two are so totally separate that works can have no role whatsoever in securing our souls.

"Gospel Theology Again" (Romans 3:21-31)

Mike Cratch


Description:Our exposition of Romans returns us to some very important key words. Based on what Christ has accomplished for us, God is an absolutely just justifier. We also see that when justification by faith is preached, there is no room for boasting. Faith in what Christ has done for us at the Cross requires that God receive all the credit.

"Romans Recap #1" (Romans 1-3)

Steve Brewer


Description:What would a plane without wings, a car without wheels, a train without tracks, or a person without a brain have in common? They would be missing what they need to move forward. Such is the case with Christians who miss out on the truths found in the Book of Romans. In Romans, the Apostle Paul lays out the foundational truths of the Christians faith which every believer needs to understand in order to grow forward with the Lord. Here we recap the major truths we have seen so far in Romans.

"In The Courtroom Again" (Romans 3:21-31)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Apostle Paul has given a point by point explanation of just how bad humanity is. He has shown us that we can't earn a right standing with God, and that God's law was not given to serve as a ladder leading to Him. The Law was designed to show us our need. Paul explains how the gospel impacts the courtroom of God and we see several key legal terms that the Apostle uses. These are designed to take our eyes off ourselves and morality, and on our Risen Savior.

"The Jew, The World, And The Courtroom Of God" (Romans 3:1-20)

Mike Cratch


Description:As we continue to look at our Jewish friends in history, we consider their crucial purpose in the story of God. Though they had great benefits and blessings, something went wrong. What was it? And as we examine all those who must make an appearance in the courtroom of God, we will hear all humanity’s final verdict. The picture isn’t pretty, yet great news follows.

"The Specifically Religious Sinner" (Romans 2:12-29)

Mike Cratch


Description:In this sermon we look at those who have the Word of God, are self-professed chosen teachers of the things of God, and yet, even with these things, they completely miss the mark. Paul reveals another link in the chain of the condemned and needy. Finally, when all the equally guilty are sitting silently in the courtroom, hope arrives.

"Bad News Bearers" (Romans 1:18-32)

Mike Cratch


Description:Our study of Romans brings us to Paul’s explanation of the gospel. But first comes the bad news. Mankind will be systematically drawn into a courtroom where they are shown they are guilty and without excuse. However, with the bad news also comes the good news, now we begin our journey deep into the courtroom of God.

"I Know Too Much" (Romans 1:14-17)

Mike Cratch


Description:Our study of the Book of Romans reveals why Paul felt an obligation to both Greeks and barbarians. He understood that, without a rescue, the entire world would be drawn slowly and convincingly into God's courtroom where a guilty verdict was sure to be rendered. Paul had good news to share; a message which could deliver the doomed regardless of who they were. But first, the doomed would have to understand how much they needed that good news.

"Grace And Apostleship" (Romans 1:5-13)

Mike Cratch


Description:As we move forward into Romans, we discover what Paul means with several key terms such as grace, apostleship, faith and obedience. Having received these good things from God, a colony of famous saints were moving out and making an impact in their world. These things were not reserved for them alone; all of God’s supply is ours as well today. May we not just know about it, but choose to live in it all the time.

"Promised Beforehand (Romans 1:1-3)

Mike Cratch


Description:The one Scripture above all others that has moved people out of empty religion into the joy of salvation by grace, through faith, is "The just shall live by faith" (Romans 1:17). In this series in Romans, we look into the Apostle Paul’s history, conversion, and purpose in writing the book Romans. Be prepared to be gripped by the letter that gripped Martin Luther, John Wesley, and other men of faith in past centuries.

"The Greatest Certainty" (Romans 8:31-39)

Steve Brewer


Description:Have you ever thought someone was going to come through for you, but when the time came you discovered they didn’t? When it comes to the reliability of God’s love, this will never happen to the believer. Now that is good news. Since God is for us, the conclusion follows, “Who can be against us?” In this New Year, nothing is a greater certainty than the love of our Heavenly Father. In every circumstance, every time, He is sure to express that love in just the right way. We can count on it!

"The Church In The Story Of God" (Selected Scripture)

Mike Cratch


Description:Why the church? While Israel failed to fulfill God's purpose for the nation, the church is not God's idea of damage control. God still has a plan for Israel, and in the mean time, He is using His church to accomplish something specific in the world. Listen and learn how the church fits in the story of God.

"Glory And Peace" (Luke 2:14)

Mike Cratch


Description:With all of the holiday craziness going on this season, let’s not forget the peace we have in Christ. What a powerful concept; despite all that we have done, in Christ, we believers stand in perfect union with Him and in perfect peace. We are reminded of the wonderful reality that is ours through faith in Him alone.

"What Child Is This?" (Hebrews 1:1-6)

Steve Brewer


Description:“This, this is Christ the King, whom shepherds guard and angels sing.” That is an amazing statement, but more amazing are the facts that this carol cannot begin to contain, that Christianity's magnificent claim that this baby, Jesus Christ, was and is deity in the flesh. Christmas points to His 1st coming in a body, born to be our substitute, our deliverer from sin’s horrific eternal penalty. As the writer to the Hebrews makes plain, this child is “The Son of God,” and at His 2nd coming, our Savior-King will return to reign.

"The Word Became Flesh And Dwelt Among Us" (John 1:1-3, 14)

Mike Cratch


Description:It’s time for us to study the birth of the Christ, but now, from a different and more theological perspective. What does it mean that Christ is the “Word” of God? How does a “Word” become flesh? The wonder of the One whose birth we celebrate at Christmas is so great that it does much more than move the heart; it also boggles the mind.

"The Shepherds And The Messiah" (Luke 2:1-20)

Mike Cratch


Description:The Shepherds received a tell-tale sign that someone special had been born in the city of David – “A Savior, born for you!” How could these low class characters possibly merit a birth announcement such as they received? Here we look into the richness of the nativity scene.

"The Messiah And His Timeline" (Daniel 9:24-25)

Mike Cratch


Description:The 1st Century appearance of Messiah should have caught no one by surprise. The Scriptures contained fantastic indicators as to when He would arrive. Now we begin to turn our thinking towards the advent or birth of the Christ, identify Him, trace His steps, and check out His timeline. All of this can be part of our journey this year toward the manger.

"Me And My Church" (Matthew 16:18)

Mike Cratch


Description:With another year quickly ending, perhaps it is time to again consider "Me and My Church". Here we look at the role of the local church in God’s redemptive narrative, its purpose in my community, and in my life.

"Jesus Loves The Unreached People" (Selected Passages"

Tim Hardy


Description:… All the unreached people of the world! And currently, 2.7 billion people, nearly a third of the earth's population, have little or no meaningful access to the Gospel, according to Orlando-based mission agency Pioneers USA. In fact, of all the foreign missionaries serving around the globe, only one out of every 10 is actually ministering among these 2.7 billion unreached people – which means about 90 percent of missionaries serve people that already have access to the Gospel. Tim Hardy shares his personal vision for making a difference among Muslim people groups who need Jesus, the Savior. Is it possible that you might make a difference too? Yes it is!

"Jesus Christ Is Lord - 2" (Romans 10:9-10)

Steve Brewer


Description:Jesus Christ is deity. The Bible declares this fact again and again. As such, only Jesus Christ can eternally save, and He should be obeyed. But what are the consequences for those who do not honor His Lordship? Is obedience to His Lordship a condition for salvation? What about making public confessions about His Lordship? Here we answer these important questions because, if Christ’s Lordship is related to a person’s eternal salvation, no one can risk not understanding how.

"Jesus Christ Is Lord" (Philippians 4:11)

Steve Brewer


Description:Christians may say this with sincerity, but not truly understand it. We should know how Christ’s Lordship applies to salvation, and to how one lives his or her life. Jesus is God, and because He is God, He can save. Also, as God, Jesus is the authority and should be obeyed. Both ideas are related to His Lordship, but what do you mean when you say “Jesus Christ is Lord?” Here we discover why this topic is so important to grasp.

"The Two Foundations" (Matthew 7:24-29)

Mike Cratch


Description:Our series on the Sermon on the Mount concludes with memorable words; Jesus warns His listeners about their foundation. Some stand on solid rock, while others do not. Sand is a disastrous foundation. Let’s look inside and see that we are standing on the Solid Rock that is Christ. It’s possible to be secure and sure!